I’m the pony known as “Dinky’s Evil Twin” on fimfiction. Feel free to peruse my hidden website.

I need help finding an outproxy to reach fimfiction!

Messages sent to me so far:

I love your stories, been a fan for a few days now. Love your view on CF(cloudflare) Hate them bunches. Was wondering if you could possible do a apple bloom Rainbow Dash oriented story...
Love your worldbuilding man. And your irredemably evil idea would be far from the worst thing posted on fimfic.
Hey there, it's been a long while since you've been on the tracked part of the net... How are you doing, writing wise and in general?
There is a company that you can get targeted traffic from and they let you try their service for free for 7 days. I managed to get over 300 targeted visitors to day to my site...

Anyway, here, have a pony getting fucked by a horse.

I keep my website here, because I worry about losing my privacy, because it keeps my ISP from persecuting me, and because it keeps domain name registrars from persecuting you. As long as you always come here whether bookmarked or just copypasted, you can be sure that you have reached me, and very few people can do anything to disrupt that.